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We live in an age where it is now easy to find a variety of technology to support better living at more affordable prices. Some people have realized that elevators are not reserved for high-value homes, and there is a way to add on to your home for practical benefit. Let us look at one of these elevator options, like the Dallas vacuum elevator.

What is a pneumatic vacuum elevator?

The PVE uses air pressure to lower and lift the elevator through the pistons and cables. This system uses lesser equipment and takes up less space and energy in the end. The main features of a PVE include:

  • An external transparent cylinder with curved panels
  • The elevator vehicle runs on rails, with all the right brake and safety systems
  • The turbine at the top of the cylinder powers the elevator with extra support from the valves, control board, and engines

Operation of the pneumatic elevator

The elevator car moves due to the difference in air pressure and the energy created by the turbines and valves. The anchoring system locks the cabin onto the floor when it reaches the destination position so that passengers can get in and out of it fast. A fault in the system activates the automatic slow descent process and engages the brakes and locks so people can alight safely.

Benefits of installing the Dallas vacuum elevator from Ascent

Save space

Residential homes do not have a lot of room to spare compared to commercial space, so the elevator vehicle in most commercial buildings will not be the best for your home. You typically want to choose a unique design that will fit great into your residential home without eating square footage. The vacuum elevator has a good amount of clearance and a decent size for the elevator shaft and pit to accommodate the car at the bottom.

Simple installation process

A traditional elevator takes longer to install because we are working with too many features, such as cables, pistons, chains, counterweights, and more. Choose the elevator that will save a lot more time to install and be easier to maintain and repair. Most vacuum elevator systems take two to three days to fit and secure, depending on the size and the accessories or features we will include.

Expertly functional

The small elevator has a lot of potentials and can work better than most if it has better push buttons, lighting, and fans. Some other beneficial systems one can include are a sophisticated locking system and emergency telephone connection. It helps to have a movable elevator that fits into the home's framework with an innovative design, which means it is freestanding and easier to relocate or dislocate if you are renovating the home.


The Dallas pneumatic elevator is elegant and demonstrates better features than most. Our options have an uncluttered and modern style, which will mesh right into most urban interior designs and architecture.

Check out the descriptions of our vacuum elevators online and contact us online to book a free consultation.

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dallas Vacuum elevator

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